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Disease prevention and treatment

Treat yourself from painful urination with these herbs

Apple vinegar is very strong antibiotic disinfectant agent, properties improves digestion lowers blood pressure,

improves hair health, decrease cancer.

Using it to treat STDs take one spoon inside of cup and mix it with half of water suck it in the morning, Afternoon, Evening take it before food and wait for 30m.

Apple Cider

Once you are energetic young man or woman if you don't take care you may meet this painful sickness, and is very difficult to treat it with other antibiotics.

There are many types of STDs around many are difficult to show symptoms, others are easy to see and feel it in your body. Every one know how you can contacted these sickness.

HPV Human Papillomavirus

This disease causes warts in various parts of the body.


This sickness affects people of all ages mostly young women symptoms discharges from your private.

Genital herpes

Causes by sores, pain, itching,

Sometimes these diseases can transmitted from mothers to infants or through blood transfusions

Some of the symptoms painful or burning urination, swollen lymph nodes, fever, Rashes over trunk, hands or feet.

Causes of these diseases

Gonorrhea, syphilis chlamydia are examples of STIs and it causes by bacteria

Trichomoniasis an causes by a parasite

Herpes/ HIV

Causes by virus

These can cause serious complications examples;

Eye inflammation, arthritis, infertility, heart disease.

Use herbs to treat it

Rosemary is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plant, and is use to treat various types of infections

Cook and take it two spoon in the morning and evening.



Is natural, herbs highly effective for treating various infections.

Basil leaves

It can be used to destroy fungi and bacteria.

Soma is herbal drug as well as remedy for STDs. It leaves,tree back, roots and fruits it has various anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to fight disease like gonorrhea syphilis.

Boil it and take one spoon morning and evening.


Recommended to prevent urinary tract illnesses

You can eat it but not many continue until you are ok

Taking too much a day can cause stomach problem.

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Apple Apple Cider STDs


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