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Video Of A Tortise Running Faster Like A Cheetah On A Treadmill [Watch This Funny video]

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This world is full of surprises, day of n day out we wake up to hear or probably read about the unbelievable thing that happened in this world today. We might probably think the end is near but perhaps we can depend on that thought.

In this article I will bring to you one of the unbelievable things that happened. When we were kids we used to read books about patience and they were all the best our parents could expect.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows some tortoises running around. The viral video has over 16 million views on Twitter.

A video that has been doing the rounds of the Internet shows a tortoise running faster on a treadmill. The video has left everyone flabbergasted on social media. It has millions of views and netizens are finding it difficult to come to terms with this viral video. So, the question is - can tortoise run? Well, since our childhood we have heard in the fable ‘The Hare And The Tortoise’ that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ as it is the tortoise, despite its slow speed, comes out victorious. Then, what is with this video?

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