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"I knowingly infected multiple men with HIV willingly, I can not be your keeper" Lady Admits

A woman is admitting to having knowingly infected multiple men with HIV. She says it is not her responsibility to take care of men who cannot protect themselves because she too did not receive any warning from the person that infected her.

She also reveals that her mother's hatred, absence, and lack of sympathy towards her are the causes of all her misery. Jackline has shocked people at large after she shared that she has infected a lot of men with HIV willingly. 

Jackline has revealed that she knowingly infected men with HIV to punish them for not using protection. She blamed men who sleep with women they do not know without protection. She said she'd not be their keeper; they ought to know to always use protection when sleeping with a stranger.

She said she willingly did not take her drugs because she wanted to infect promiscuous men who did not care about their protection. She said when her boyfriend infected her with HIV at the age of 12, he didn't tell him and it was her carelessness that led to the infection. 

She blamed her mother for neglecting her and never taking care of her. She said she slept with men to feed herself and her cousin. She said she got to know she was HIV positive when she had a test for her school admission. She said men should know better and protect themselves. 

The Kenyan woman said the only reason she came on TV was to raise awareness and encourage men to stop sleeping around without protection. She blamed men and her mother for her sorrowful life.

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