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‘For men’: See How Watermelon Can Boost Your Blood Circulation And Make Your Live Long

The good news, eating melons daily is known to boost blood circulation which is key for your survival. But how?

Every man and for that matter, every human needs effective blood circulation for survival. An efficient blood flow solves most health problems including boosting your performance as a man during bedroom play. As a man, if you will get the stamina to go many rounds, it depends on how your blood flows from your heart to all part of your body especially your reproductive parts, hence, watermelons should be on your diet list.

Watermelon vs Blood Circulation

Watermelon is known as one of the best fruits that work miracles on the circulatory systems. This water-based fruit houses a number of vital nutrients, plant compounds and minerals as well. Some of this nutrient and minerals includes 112mg of potassium, 1mg of sodium, 11% of the Daily Value of vitamin A, 13% of vitamin C, 1% of Iron and many more.

The iron content of watermelon, though small, helps the red blood cells in the absorption of oxygen or haemoglobin from oxyhemoglobin. Also, melons contain another incredible compound called citrulline. According to Healthline, citrulline when consumed, gets converted into arginine with the aid of an enzymes catalyst.

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“Arginine is known to be another form of amino acid which relax the blood vessels, improves or boost the immune system, improves heart health and work wonders for those suffering from obesity and type-2 diabetes” – says Houston press.

Iron Deficiency

You may be wondering why is iron important. Yes, iron is very important as lack of it leads to Anemia – a medical condition that occurs when the blood is inadequate to absorb oxygen which is introduced into the body through respiration (Inhalation).

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How Many Watermelon Should You Eat?

So, you asked, how much iron does the body needs. Well, it depends on some factors such as age and gender. However, as a man, The Office of Dietary Supplements recommend 8mg of Daily Value. This can be attained by eating about 3 out of 4 divisions of one watermelon.

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