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Reasons why Doctors' write "badly" when giving prescriptions finally revealed.

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Today we are looking at very worrying attitude by some professionals in the health sector who put people health into risk by intentionally writing badly on their folders.

People always wonder why Medical Doctors write badly when giving prescription on patient folder.

Research has revealed that, bad handwriting of Doctors has caused about 30% of those who died through sickness. This habit is not only exhibited by Ghanaian Doctors, it is across the whole World.

Their bad handwriting on the patients folder does not mean they can not write nicely, in fact most of them have a beautiful handwriting.

According to research conducted by Nazeef69 through conversation with experience Doctors and Student Doctors, there are two "good" reasons why Doctors don't write nicely.

Firstly, the Doctors don't want the patients to know the medicine as it may cause panic to them. The doctor revealed that, sometimes they add the seriousness of the disease which will aid the Pharmacy Doctor (PharmD) to determine which dosage to give.

Also, It is also revealed that the Pharmacist are familiar with the drugs or medicines, as a result very easy for identification. An ordinary person always find it difficult in identifying what is always written but those who are in the field always do understand them.

Sometimes it is sad these things happens. Doctors always patients life in danger by their bad handwriting. Even though it has killed almost 30% of patients, this kind of professional negligence must stop as a single life is very precious.

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