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10 Super Facts We Never Knew About Human Body

Truth be told, human body is the most complex creation of almighty! We may think its simple to understand our bodies but its not. there is so much about our own body that we have no clue about! And yet, we have survived for all these years! here are some super astonishing facts about our body!

Something About Nails

Now here's a fun fact about nails! Nails that are soft and brittle, with no moon, could indicate an overactive thyroid. Go and check them out right now.

Total Distance Covered

Do you know how much your blood travels inside your body in a day? Over the course of just one day, our blood 'runs' the distance of 19,312 kilometers.

Skin Cells

Here's something you should know about your skin now. Every day, the human body loses about one million skin cells that almost 2 kilos every year. Wow!


We always discuss about the difference between boys and girls, right? Well, here' the biggest one. Boys have fewer taste buds on the surface of their tongues than girls do. So now we know it!

Total Number

Speaking of taste buds, the average person consumes about 35 tons of food during his or her life. Ever thought about this number while eating, have you.

The Speed

Your sneeze is as fast as a super car out there. The speed of your sneeze is 160 km/h. That is too fast, isn't it?

In Your Eyelashes

Your Eyelashes aren't alone. Almost everybody have special mites on their eyelashes called demodex. You can touch them right now.

Tongue Print

Your tongue print is absolutely unique. Yes, as unique as your fingerprint!

Not So Cool, is it?

Now here's a fact that you won't like much! The number of bacteria in a person's mouth is equal to the number of people living on Earth or even more perhaps! Now think about kissing someone!

Number Of Blood Types

There aren't just 4 as we have been taught! There are 29 in fact! The rarest of them belongs to the Bombay subtype, which is common for a small group of families in Japan.

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