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Meet the Doctor who removed an unborn baby from the womb and returned it after Operation

Today we bring to you an article on a Nigerian doctor who removed an unborn baby from the womb and returned it after operation.

According to the CNN- the Cable News Network, BBC- British Broadcasting Corporation and many other Cable News Networks and Main Stream Media all over the globe, a particular Nigerian-born Doctor based in the United States of America identified as Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye reportedly co-led an operation alongside 21 other professional Doctors and Surgeon to remove a fetus (unborn baby) from the womb of her mother, Margaret Hawkins Boemer and performed a crucial operation on the baby later identified as LynLee and was returned to her Mother’s womb after a 5-hour operation.

Olutoye served as co-director of the Fetal Center and the immediate past president of the medical staff at Texas Children's Hospital. At Baylor College of Medicine, also in Houston, TX, he was a tenured Proffessor of Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Pediatrics, and chair of the Faculty Senate.

In a pioneering operation, a team of California surgeons has removed a 23-week-old fetus from his mother's womb, successfully operated to correct a blocked urinary tract and then returned the unborn baby to the uterus and sewed the womb back up.

A hysterotomy is performed on the pregnant woman, and once the uterus is open and the fetus is exposed, the fetal surgery begins. Typically, this surgery consists of an interim procedure intended to allow the fetus to remain in utero until it has matured enough to survive delivery and neonatal surgical procedures.

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