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5 Reasons You Are Drinking Water The Wrong Way And The Ways To Fix It

Two-third of our body is made up of water, so for the proper functioning of the organs, adequate water is essential.

However, the same water people consume the wrong way becomes the more reasons for magraine, joint pain, indigestion, skin problems(Allergies), Hair loss, heart and kidney problems.

Studies shows that 99% people drink water the wrong way due to which they are unintentionally harming the body rather than getting the benefits they needed.

So in this article I will be showing you When, What and How to drink water that will not harm the body.

1. Drinking Water Before And After Meals

When we eat, our body's temperature rises for better digestion and drinking right after meals can dilutes the gastric juices and reduces the body's ability to digest food. This way the food doesn't get digested properly and rots within the system and when food rots, the body fails to absorbs the nutrients from it.

And also results in digestion problems like bloating, gas, acidity and among others.

2. Gulping Down The Water

The way water enters our body makes a huge difference.

If you drink water two fast, the body won't accept it and will flush most of it out exactly opposite of what we want.

Moreover our stomach is acidic in nature and the saliva in the mouth is Akaline in nature making it to stabilize the acidic content in the stomach.

Gulping any amount of water once, lessen the saliva to mix with the water making it more m acidic even after drinking which results in indigestion, bloating, gas and among others.

Ideally one should slowly sip water.

3. Drinking Chilled Water

Do you often drink chilled water right after work or any activities then it's better to put a stop to it.

Drinking Chilled Water can not only cause sore-throat but also serious demerits.

Drinking Cold water shrinks the blood vessels and seriously restricting the digestion process. It also solidifies fat on foods making the body not able to breakdown unwanted fats.

Another major side effects of drinking Cold water is joint pains. Studies also shows that it decreases heart rates.

I will consider everyone to drink water at room temperature. Although if you want to drink chilled water use earthen pots, because they are natural coolers.

4. Drinking Too Much Water

Drinking water forcefully throughout the day, even if you are not tasty is not a good thing to practice although it's good to stay hydrated but excess of anything is bad.

Drinking too much water dilutes the sodium levels in our body. And one of the sodium job is to balance the fluids in and out of the cells. And drinking too much causes an imbalance and the liquids move from the blood into the cells which result in swelling.

5. Drinking Water While Standing Or Walking

Drinking water While Standing or Walking does not make the kidney filter the water properly and moreover the body is not relaxed making it very difficult for the body to digest it, leading to many joints and arthritis problems.

The best way to drink water is to sit down and sip the water slowly.

So these are the most common mistakes people do while drinking water.

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