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Ways To Stop The Pains Of Angina

The Signs of Trouble

You have been diagnosed as having angina which is the attacks of chest pains that results from decrease in the supply of blood to your heart. You know induces an attack and how to avoid it. You also know what to do when you feel one coming on. But do you know when your symptoms are saying something else, when something serious could be wrong? If not, here are few signs that say "see your doctor-ASAP"

1. You have been exercising to a certain level without getting angina, but now you are beginning to get angina at that level.

2. You experience angina at a lower level of exercise than before.

3. You have and stable angina (attacks that come on only with exertion), but now you have developed unstable angina (attacks that occur during rest)

I spend a lot of time educating patients about their symptoms, what to do when you have them, the importance of clean living. With a good attitude and the desire to to live healthier life, the other necessary changes will come a whole lot easier. Below are this you need to do if you want to get rid of angina attacks.

Learn to relax

Whether it is relaxation exercise or meditation. Learn how to control your emotions instead of having them control you. I know patients who never get angina except when they have a fight with their spouse, yet the can exercise with no problem. Work on resolving your conflicts and you can do as much to improve your angina as if you just took more drugs.

Put your foot down

If you do get angina attacks at night, I suggest you an alternative to reaching for your medication. Simply sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor. It is equivalent to the effect of your medication. If you don't feel your symptoms begin to subside quickly reach for your medication.

Note that the tips provided in this article has been tested and approved. Help yourself with these tips and have a healthy life. Remember to share this article to help other also. Thank you for reading.

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