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Overpricing Of Sputnik V Vaccine: Go And Tell MoH If You Can Get It At $10

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In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, countries have taken the responsibility on themselves to vaccinate its citizens against the virus and Ghana is no exception. Ghanaian who had been vaccinated few months ago received the second dose of the vaccine some few months ago.

The government decided to bring in another vaccine different from what was previously administered (AstraZeneca); the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. The deal to purchase the vaccine however resulted in the overpricing of the cost of the vaccine; that is the agreed price was $9 more than the factory price according to reports.

Many concerned citizens especially the minority side in Ghana's Parliament made several calls to government to reconsider the price whiles others have called for the deal to be terminated.

The Minister of Health has come out to explain the cause of this situation but many still feels the nation has been cheated in this deal.

The Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr. Anthony Nsia-Asare has also added up to what was said by the health ministry. He said one would be making a mistake if the individual compares the cost of Sputnik V vaccine to ex-factory price.

He stressed that the government is trying its best possible to get the vaccine at a much lower cost. He therefore called on anyone who knows where the government could purchase the vaccine at any lower cost or at the ex-factory price ($10) to not hesitate but rather go and inform the Ministry of Health about it. He added that government is putting in a much greater effort to protect the citizens hence the need to vaccinate its people.

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