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Skin Care

Google Has Unveiled An App That Help Spot Skin, Hair And Nail Conditions And Suggest Treatment

Google has unveiled a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help spot skin, hair and nail conditions, based on images uploaded by patients. This "Dermatology Assist" they call it would be launch later this year.

The app has been awarded a CE mark for use as a medical tool in Europe.

This AI App can recognise 288 skin conditions but is not designed to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Developers says it took them there years to develop this tool and has been trained on dataset of 65,000 images of diagnosed conditions and thousands of pictures of healthy skin, in all shades and tones.

As well as using images, the app also requires patients to answer a series of questions online.

However, it hasn't been approved as an alternative to human diagnosis.

It was unveiled at their conference that there will be 10 billion searches for skin, hair and nail issues on its search engine every year.

This amazing app hasn't been given clearance yet by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the US.

A head Professor of Cancer said, the application of Al tool both in cancer and in other areas of medicine can diagnosis conditions and shows Treatment to offer to an individual.

This is not the first AI in healthcare, but it is significant for putting the tool in the hands of the public rather than doctors.

Google views this AI as better than searching for the information yourself, rather than a substitute for medical advice.

The doctors and developers involved said this AI has been optimised to avoid missing "alarming or scary" conditions such as skin cancer.

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