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Boil Ginger, Black Pepper And Turkery Berry ('Beduro') And Take Once To 'Kill' This Disease

Last three days I wrote an article on Turkey Berry and its benefits of which most of you [my cherished readers] asked for the Turkey berry recipe for treating, controlling or preventing cold.

Solanum torvum – (Turkey Berry) – ENINE Hydroponic (Pvt) Ltd

As usual, I have decided to make this write up for [my readers] after deep research from the worldwide web. So without further ado, let get into business.

So what is cold?

The cold which is also called Common cold or Catarrh is an upper respiratory infection caused or host by a virus known as Rhinovirus. The infection affects the upper respiratory tract and leads to chest congestion. When cold is not treated properly, it leads to Bronchitis, Asthma attacks and other life-threatening diseases.

Common cold: Stage by stage

Ways to Cure Cold or Catarrh

Unlike most respiratory infections which are difficult or complicated to cure, the common cold is one that can be easily cured by adding two, three or four herbs together. For example onion, Garlic, Cumin just to mention a few are all effective for treating cold.

In today's article, we intend to have a look at how Turkey Berry also called Beduro or Kwahu Nsusuo in our local dialect can be used to cure, treat or prevent the occurrence of Cold.

How To 'Kill' Cold With 'Beduro' - The Turkey Berry Recipe

Wholesaler of <a class=Black Pepper &amp; Ginger Oleoresin by Jinjar Hadloom Krturam, Bengaluru"/>

In this recipe you will need the following ingredients:

1. 10 grams of Dry Ginger

2. 10 grams of Dry Turkey berry root

3. 3 1/2 quantity of black pepper

How To:

After obtaining the ingredients and making sure they are in a good state, you will need to set up a fire, add all the ingredients in a cooking utensil and boil with 1 cup of water.

Make sure to boil the water till the level drop to half of the original level. Once boiling is completed, filter out the solid part and drink it.

There you go, your ultimate Beduro recipe for Common cold or catarrh is here.

Also do let me know if there is a recipe for a particular disease that you want me to cover.




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