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10 Essential Health Benefits Of Cocoyam Leaves (Kontomire)

Cocoyam or Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is a starchy edible tuber and bears broad greenish leaves. It is grown in several places around the world. We usually consume the roots tubers or its leaves, locally called kontomire. Both the root and leaves have many health benefits for the body because they are rich in nutrients.

Now let us go through what we found out as some of the amazing benefits of kontomire.

1.Prevention of cancer

Cocoyam leaves are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. This fights against free radicals that cause cancer. So, it helps to prevent many diseases.

2.Healthy eyes

Cocoyam leaves are rich in vitamin A in addition to vitamin C. The amount of vitamin A can be as high as 123% of our daily requirement. It is very good for the eyes to stay healthy and maintain visual acuity. Also, they prevent the eyes diseases such as myopia, cataract and blindness.

3.Kontomire can also help control your blood pressure.

Cocoyam leaves contain omega 3, an essential fatty acid which provides material for hormones to control the contraction and relaxation of the arteries wall. This control the blood pressure to a normal level.

4.Kontomire helps to treat diarrhoea.

Zinc from cocoyam leafs helps to fight against diarrhoea.

5.Cholesterol level reduction

Cocoyam leaves have no cholesterol and only 1% of total fat, and so, is the best diet for reducing cholesterol. The dietary fibre and methionine contained in cocoyam leaves can reduce the cholesterol effectively. They bind and break down fat and cholesterol especially triglyceride.

6.Help in weight loss

Cocoyam leaves are low in fat and high in protein. It is therefore, the best diet to reduce your fat and get your muscle mass.

7.Aid digestion and prevent digestive problems

Many people are suffering from several digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea, indigestion etc. Cocoyam leaves contain a higher amount of dietary fiber. This healthy property is very helpful to food digestion and absorption. So the people who are suffering from these digestive problems are highly recommended to take cocoyam leaves to cure.

8.Reduce inflammation

Consuming cocoyam leaves can be a good solution to reduce the inflammation. Cocoyam leaves have the omega 3 property which can control the inflammation procedure. The inflammatory substances can be controlled by the omega 3 property. It can also cure some diseases. Lupus, arthritis gastritis etc. diseases can be reduced by taking cocoyam leaves.

9.Nerve protection.

The assortment of B-vitamins that can be found in the cocoyam leaves is very effective against nerve problems that show up as numbness, tingling, trembling in your skin and limbs. They can also improve the immune system and memory.

10.Healthy development of a fetus.

Plenty of folate that the leaves contain is an effective means that helps a fetus develop properly. Enough folate at certain pregnancy stages helps the baby’s brain develop normally and without drawbacks.

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