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5 Reasons Pumpkin Seeds Should Be Included In Your Daily Diet

Pumpkin Seeds are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and saturated fat. According to Healthline, pumpkin seeds contain a large range of minerals and vitamins that are essential to the body. In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why you should include pumpkin seed in your diet.

1. Good for sleep.

One of the important reasons why you should consume more pumpkin seeds is that they promote good sleep. This is because of the presence of zinc and magnesium which helps in promoting good sleep.

2. Improves Heart Health.

The second reason why you should include pumpkin seed in your daily diet is that it helps to improve heart health. This is because the nutrients in pumpkin seed help to promote good cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. 

3. Contain Anti-Oxidants.

The third reason you should include pumpkin seeds in your diet is that they contain antioxidants. These antioxidants help in reducing inflammation and also protect the cells from free radicals. Therefore, it is advised that you include pumpkin seeds in your diet.

4. Help Fight Against Arthritis.

Another important reason is that pumpkin seed helps in battling arthritis. This is because pumpkin seed contains anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce the risk of arthritis. Therefore, it is beneficial to consume more pumpkin seeds because of their health benefits.

5. High In Fiber.

Last but not least is that they are rich in fiber. Foods that are rich in fiber promote heart health, reduce blood pressure, and reduce the risk of obesity. Therefore, it is advised that you consume pumpkins more for good health.

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