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Most Effective Way Of Treating Stroke/Numbness Using Natural Herbs

If you are suffering from Stoke which you've been trying to cure but all your efforts are in vain, today is your day this is so because I'm to teach you on the most effective way to treat Stoke using our natural herbs.

Powers was invested in herbs by our creator so that we can use it to cure our sicknesses and for protection.

The most effective way of treating stroke are as follows,

Materials or things needed:

1) local pot

2) six(6) litres of water

3) three handful of coconut root

4) two(2) handful of Basil (akokobesa )

Ten(10) orange fruits

5) four (4) table spoon of sea salt (adango)

The above mentioned list are the items needed for your treatment and due to that make sure you follow the instruction given above.

Methods to follow or procedures

1) wash the coconut plant's root

2) basil the orange with salt water

3) put the six(6) litres of water in the pot

4) cut the oranges into slice and put it in the pot.

5) add your sea salt

6) add the coconut plant's root and the basil to it and boil for about 40minutes

7) sieve it and store in a cool place ( not in refrigerator)

Dossage or how to use it

1) 18years and above should take full big size disposable cup thee times daily till he or she is healed.

2) from 17 years down to 5 years should take small size disposable cup three times daily till he or she is healed.

Trust me the sickness will be healed

Tested and confirmed.

3) children should take a table spoon three times daily till he or she is healed.

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