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People are afraid, yet the Vaccine is safe.

On Wednesday 24 February, government of Ghana announced the arrival of of the widely anticipated 600,000 Astra Zeneca potion of Vaccines, a component introduced to the people of Ghana, and a WHO world wide antibodies sharing project.

Then the president, Nana Akuffo Addo, his wife, his vice, Dr. Bawumia and wife took turn to take their first portion of the Astra Zeneca covid-19 Vaccination. Taking the Jab, the president set an example and assured the people of Ghana, Safety of the Vaccine.

The immunization international was broadcast on all news networks, including on-line media channels to support trust, confidence, and for proof of efficacy.

The president in his 24th address to the nation, said that every measures have been taken to relieve the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the nation. He guaranteed that the covid 19 antibodies are protected and would be of no danger.

Indeed the Vaccine is safe and guaranteed, inspite of numerous romour surrounding its safety. Though with some minor effects, which is still not enough reason for people to worry.

For every one who have Vaccinated, one in three reported minor side effects of soreness at the site of the Jab, and mild fever, chills, headache, muscle aches and fatigue. These are not serious, but short lived effects and do not last long.

The effects too are signs that one's immune system is reacting well to the Vaccine. The sytoms are not indicative of a Corona virus infection as the Vaccines do not contain the virus itself, so one cannot catch Covid-19 from having one instead, they contain tiny piece of genetic materials that teach your body how to fight the disease.

In spite of so many assurances by the government, health practitioners and GHS, alot of people are still wary of taking the Vaccine, because they are afraid because of mysteries and speculation and the end of time. Some claims the Vaccine is the mark of the beast; the 666, but it is mere speculation, as it has nothing to do with 666.

So the Vaccine is safe, and no reason for people to be afraid. I have taken mine, you to can do the same.

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