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(Do not Skip) : Amazing Stomach Ulcer Cure, Say Bye to Stomach Ulcer


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Yeah , say bye bye to stomach ulcer as I am about to reveal to you an amazing stomach ulcer cure you might have never knew. 

Ulcer! Hhm this terrible word which is an instany enemy to every victim of it. All the cramps, eat this , dont eat that and all the hassle and tussle of stomach ulcer. The anguish and sudden depression accompanied with it is nothing to write home about. I guess you can relate.

There is a recent discovery that a certain medicinal herb/spicet can cure stomach ulcer. But now comes the question, which herb is this? what makes it so special? and how do you use it to cure ulcer? Rest assured folks, because i have got you covered on these questions.Hop on guys lets have one hell of a ride.

First question: What is this medicinal herb?

This medicinal herb is none other than " cloves". Yeah, cloves. It known in Fante as "Mbrego Amba" and in twi as "Prepre" . Cloves are believed to have originated from indonesia, they are in fact, dried flower buds gotten from the clove tree. Interestingly, people around the world have used cloves in cooking and traditional medicine for many years, but it is only recently that science has come to prove it.

Second question: What makes it soo special?

The eating spicy foods, irregular eating habits, lesser physical activity, stress and drinking alcohol may cause acidity. This happens when stomach acid or bile flows in your food pipe and irritates the lining, leading to an irritating discomfort and pain. While there are medications that can relieve you from the severe pain; some natural ingredients also provide instant relief, including basil leaves, cinnamon, buttermilk, apple cider vinegar, cumin seeds and cloves. Of these amazing natural remedies, clove (laung) tops the list. According to a research carried by nigerian scientists, cloves contain powerful antioxidants.

The Nigerian scientists wrote, “the data presented here provided scientific evidence that the N-Butanol portion of the ethanolic extract of Syzygium aromaticum (clove)flower bud may contain biologically active substances with potential anti-ulcer properties. The extract reduced the ulcer index and the preventive index was found to be comparable to cimetidine."

Third question: how do i use it to cure ulcer

How do you use cloves to soothe and cure ulcer, you ask?

There are actually two ways to do this

Is either you chew the cloves raw(i.e at most two cloves) or you add to food as a spice.

The third way is to crush the cloves and make them into juice and take it daily.


Here you have it. Your new and scientifically proven cure for ulcer.

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