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What will be the effect if I don't change my boxer shorts every day

Men's wear are expensive on the market and therefore most of them buy lots of clothes and give an excuse leading to purchasing just five boxer shorts for a whole year or more.

Imagine not washing a bowl for weeks and still eating different meals from it. You will end up accumulating series of bacterial infection which will cause heavy health break down 

Same implies to wearing same boxer over and over again. Some men wear one boxer for two weeks without washing and they start to scratch their private area when walking outside, at their work place and when taking a stroll as well. Bacteria is able to grow in favourable conditions and around dirty areas rapidly. 

Dirty boxer shorts may not seem like an issue but the effect afterwards is more dangerous than you could ever imagine. This is because bacteria and microbes will accumulate causing an embarrassing odour, irritating rash, and infection on your skin. Severe itch may happen and small spores will also appear at that area. 

Sometimes the odour is extreme that people you will smell it from a distance. It is essential to maintain proper hygiene, bath regularly, change boxer shorts and most importantly get them in their numbers to avoid repeating them.

Nearly all outlets and experts have stated that there must be replacement of old boxers with new boxers once every 6-12 months. In cases where boxers are in abundance and washed properly, Doctors advice that they must be changed in a full year to prevent any complications. Stay hygienic, stay safe.

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