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Recommended Measures On Diet If You Want To Have Flat Tummy

Having a big tummy or some excess abdominal fat make you feel uncomfortable, bloated and even discouraged. Moreover, excess abdominal fat predispose one to certain diseases and some health conditions. It is however important to leave a healthy life style in order to have a flat tummy or reduce excess abdominal fat (big tummy.

Below are some certain food to avoid if you want to have a flat tummy,

1 cut your calorie intake

2 Potatoes

3 Sugar

4 Margarine

5 Prepared wheat and white flour

6 Alcohol

7 Carbonated Drink

8 Yogurts

9 Legumes

In as much as you are advised to avoid some of these foods, it is also therefore advised that you should;

1 To have a regular an aerobic exercise and some cardio to reduce some calories in your body

2 Eat more fiber like soluble fiber.

3 Eat food rich in monosaturated fatty acid.

4 Consider adding an apple cider vinegar to your diet

5 Walk at least 30 minutes a day 

6 Eat whole single ingredient foods 

7 Drink plenty of water

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