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Cancer (All you need to know, Episode 1)

The human body is regulated for the well-being of the body. Every activity in the body has a pattern it must follow and when this natural pattern of activity is not followed then a problem or disease is likely to occur.

In the human body, cell division has a pattern it must follow (Normal Cell Circle):

Normal cells grow, divide and then die.

Cancer cells don’t follow the normal cell circle, instead of dying the natural death (apoptosis), they multiply and continue in their reproduction of other abnormal cells which we term as “Cancer”. Abnormal cells are called Cancerous cells.

Cancer affects every gender and class of people.


Your body tells you that you have a disease, injury, or illness by showing you signs and symptoms. Some of the common signs and symptoms of cancer that we should look out for are:

  1. Enlargement of the lymph nodes: Lymph nodes are part of our immune system, they help fight diseases by capturing harmful substances in the body
  2. There is swelling or lumps anywhere in the body
  3. Problems with eating
  4. Vision or hearing problems
  5. Night sweating or fever.

The above mentioned are not all the signs and symptoms associated with cancer, we will look at the individual signs and symptoms when talking about the various types of cancers.


There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Some ways and lifestyles that can help prevent or reduce the risk of cancer are:

  1. Healthy Diet: Try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, alcohol intake must be in moderation
  2. Be physically active and keep an healthy weight.
  3. Avoid use of chemicals on your body all in the name of skin care.
  4. Get medical care and get vaccinated.

We shall talk more on the various types of cancer in the episode 2 of this health topic.

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