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Best Magical herb for the witches. To See and Cancel all evil traps set for you

Today, we shall be looking at a very powerful plant known as Mint leaves, locally known as Nunum. The plant has a couple of uses for both physical and spiritual. This plant I am talking about has been used in curing disease by our ancestor and yet, we the 21st century are also benefiting from the Nunum plant.

The following are some health benefits of the Nunum leaves;

  1. For relieving catarrh.
  2. Helps to cure and prevent Fever.
  3. For weight management.
  4. Helps relief from malaria.
  5. Helps cure Asthma.

How To Cure Catarrh With Nunum

Grind the Nunum leaves and drop few droplets into your nostril. Within a few hours, you won't experience the Catarrh anymore.

How To Cure Asthma With Nunum

What you will do is to find Nunum leaves, garlic and boil them. Take a concoction in the morning, afternoon and evening and for a few days, you can never find a trace of your asthmatic problem.

Spiritual Uses Of Nunum

  1. Nunum is one of the spiritual herbs that can communicate with people effectively. When you have a business meeting and you want to confirm if you should go or not, you can ask the Nunum herb.
  2. When you are embarking on a trip that involves a long distance and you want to know if it will be a safe journey, you can ask the Nunum herb.
  3. When you want to relocate to a different house and you want to find out if there is peace in the house, you can use the Nunum to find out.

Direction of use

  1. Find a Ghana cedi coin or note ranging from 10 pesewas to 10 cedis.
  2. Find the Nunum plant and speak on the money what you want to find out.
  3. After speaking, drop the money under the mother plant and pluck some of its leaves.
  4. Before you sleep, put the Nunum leaves under your pillow and sleep on them.
  5. In the morning if the leaves are still fresh, it means you should embark on the journey. But if the leaves are dead, that should give you the signal that you might meet an accident on your way.

The following are the superpowers of the Nunum plant and how to use it to change your life. Anytime I give directions, I make sure it is very clear for my readers to read and understand it well.

I believe this article was helpful. Please In case you did not understand anything in this article, you can ask me in the comment section below or forward it to me on Whatsapp on 0556069880 and I will reply to you with love.

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