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Say goodbye to asthma and infertility with Adendenkruma(castor plant)

Adendenkruma, English named Castor plant has been around for centuries. It is botanically called Ricinus communist. You might have seen children playing with the leaves but never play with the fruits it seeds. This plant is main seen growing along the road ,backyard or dumping grounds. In other countries like Asia and India, it is commercially grown for the harvesting of it seeds for the manufacturing of castor oil.

Adendenkruma has it pros and cons. Thereby making it one if the controversial plants in the universe. Some part if this tree is highly poisonous. Non the less it is a highly potent medicine for certain type of ailments. When fully grown, castor plant produces clusters of fruit which contains a single seed. When fruits are dried out, the seed becomes hard . Seeds are then removed . The outer part of the seed (resin) contains a high level of poison and should in no way be ingested. This so far is the only harmful part of this tree.

Adendenkruma is highly effective for liver diseases , ovarian and uterine cysts ,lower back pain,asthma and anorexia. Also effective is it use for production of milk in nursing mother's.

Castor plant combines very well with aloe vera only. Do not mix this herb with other herbs when using it as it is very potent on it own. It is also not advised for pregnant women to consume anypart of castor plant. All part if Adendenkruma can be used for alternate medicine excluding the resin of the seed .

Castor Oil

Cold pressed castor seed oil is used for the relief of constipation. It is an important part of aromatherapy for massages that dissolves cysts and reduces inflammation. It is extra tedious to extract the oil at home but castor oil is sold in pharmacies. Purchase a bottle of castor oil and take about 30ml of the oil on empty stomach to relieve constipation. Apply castor oil on inflamed joints and massage well. To use castor oil for ovarian cyst, rub castor oil on the lower abdomen region and apply a hot water botel after covering it with towel. Remove heat and massage with finger tips.

For Asthma ,mix castor oil with honey in a 2:1 ratio . Take one tablespoon once daily till symptoms disappear.

Castor leaves.

The leaves of the castor plant is anti bacterial, anti viral,anti fungal and anti microbial. Castor leaves contains an amount if iron, Vitamins, flavonoids and carotenoids. It has a way of stimulating ovulation as well. Thereby making it ideal for people trying to get pregnant.

To use the leaves, always make a decoction by boiling leaves in water. Never consume castor leaf raw.The leaves are good for liver problems and increasing breast milk in mother's. To use for breast milk production, a paste of leaves one breast is all you need to start lactation

Castor Roots.

The castor root is mainly used for back pain and other joint pain. Boil the roots over medium heat and drink when cool. It will clear all pains from your body

Please note that as all herbal medicine, there might be side effects. Discovered use if any side effect becomes threatening. Prolonged use of castor oil may cause fluid loss , diarrhea and nausea.

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