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Daily health Tips for you.

Today is another day to know much secrets about your life which can enable you remain healthy and strong.

Today l am going to give you one most important thing you should know , l encourage you to visit my channel frequently and remember to also invite your friends because if you miss update you are missing something very vital.

In this article l am going to talk about meat,l and you know very well that most people take meat everyday almost 90% so continue reading to know the kind of meat you are supposed to eat we don't get meat randomly but according to our blood group.below are the kind of meat you are supposed to take according to your blood group.


With this blood group meat like Cornish, chicken,hen and turkey are allowed for you to eat but meat like Pork,beaf, Lamb, Venison, Veal, Goose, Duck are not allowed to take in that is for everyone with blood group A.


With this blood group it is allowed to take beef,Veal, Pheasant, turkey and the recommended ones are Lamb, Mutton, Venison, Rabbit but on the other hand, chicken,quall,patridge,Goose, Duck, Cornish hens,pork are not allowed to take in.


Also, with this blood group AB, the kind of meat you are supposed to take in are Lamb, Mutton, turkey, rabbit are the most important ones for you and take note all other kinds are allowed to take except chicken, Cornish hens, patridge,quall,goose,duck, Venison Beef, Pork so take note.


Meat you are supposed to take in as someone with this blood group are Lamb, Mutton,beef, Veal, Venison. other kind are also allowed except bacon,ham, pork,goose,duck.

Thank you all for reading my article to know more about your life.l encourage you to follow me and also encourage your friends to do so because many people are illiterate about things like this.

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Cornish Goose Lamb Veal Venison


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