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The Polio vaccine can Prevent children from being paralyzed

Polio vaccines are vaccines used to prevent poliomyelitis (polio).Two kinds are used: an inactivated poliovirus given via way of means of injection (IPV) and a weakenedpoliovirus given through mouth (OPV).The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends all kids be fully vaccinated against polio.The two vaccines have eliminated polio from most of the world, and decreased the range of cases reported every year.

The Ghana Health Service always embark on a nationwide vaccination campaign in an effort to use inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), for all kids born from (18 months to forty seven months) in all districts across the country.

Ghana recorded the last case of poliomyelitis caused by wild poliovirus in 2008 and the country was declared polio-free in 2015

Know more about Polio

Poliomyelitis, generally shortened to polio, is an infectious disease as a result of the poliovirus.In approximately 0.5 percent of cases, it moves from the intestine to have an effect on the central nervous system and there is muscle weakness resulting in a flaccid paralysis.This can occur over a few hours to a few days.The weakness most usually entails the legs, but may less normally involve the muscle tissue of the head, neck and diaphragm

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