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Boil Neem tree leaves and pawpaw leaves, drink to cure these health problems

Since we only live once and have no extra chance at life once we’re dead we must therefore ensure we are at our healthiest best at all times to avoid any form of complications that can result into serious health problems.

Neem leaves or Neem tree leaves is best known for its cure in malaria and high body temperatures and as well as leprosy, eye disorders, stomach aches, loss of appetite and feeling of vomiting.

Neem leaves are rich in many vitamins and minerals as well as plant fiber that help the body repair worn out cells in the body and provide Heath to it.

Pawpaw leaves on the other hand is also a very important plant that has many health advantage and is very commonly found in our neighborhoods and environments.

A combination of these two into a single mixture provides the body with all round health benefits and in this article I’ll teach you how to prepare this mixture.

Plug about a bowl full of both Neem and pawpaw leaves from any nearby tree in your area of simply buy some from the local market women in your area, wash them properly in salty water to kill all the gems that may be on them.

Shred them with the help of a shredder or cut them into little pieces as in the cutting of onion or okra and then blend them all together adding a little water to make it light enough for you to be able to drink easily.

Another method is by washing both leaves throughly and placing them into a silver pot and adding about 4-5 cups of fresh water depending on the amount of leaves you have.

Put them on fire to boil for about 10 minutes allowing the leaves to turn brownish-yellow in color thereby releasing all the nutrients in to the boiling water which by which would look darkish brown in nature.

Drink it at least 3 times daily or even you can also decide to replace it with your daily tea or breakfast without adding any sugar or milk.

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