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Ladies Check Out The Side Effects Of Taking Contraceptive Pills To The Body.

The following side effects are:

1.Mood changes.

Hormones play an important role in a person’s mood and emotions. Changes in hormone levels, which taking the pill may cause, can affect a person’s mood

If a person is concerned about mood changes, they can talk to their healthcare provider. If the symptoms are linked to taking the pill, changing pills may help.

2.Weight gain.

Birth control pills often list weight gain as a possible side effect,

Birth control pills could lead to increases in fluid retention or water weight. They could also lead to increases in fat or muscle mass. However, some people may instead report weight loss when taking the pill.

3.Missed periods.

Taking birth control pills can cause very light periods or missed periods. This is because of the hormones they contain.

Depending on the type of birth control, people can use the pill to safely skip a period.

4.Spotting between periods.

Breakthrough bleeding, or spotting, refers to when vaginal bleeding occurs between menstrual cycles. It may look like light bleeding or brown discharge.

Spotting is the most common side effect of birth control pills. It happens because the body is adjusting to changing levels of hormones, and the uterus is adjusting to having a thinner lining.


Some people experience mild nausea when first taking the pill, but this usually subsides. Taking the pill with food or at bedtime may help.

Birth control should not make people feel sick all the time. If the nausea is severe or lasts for a few months, it is best to talk to a healthcare provider.

6.Breast tenderness.

Taking birth control pills often causes the breasts to feel tender, especially soon after a person starts taking them. Wearing a supportive bra can help reduce breast tenderness.

Along with increased breast sensitivity, the hormones in the pill can make the breasts grow bigger.

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