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Road Accident

Checkout What You Should Do After An Electric Shock- Get Them On Your Fingertips

Accidents happen because people are careless and we choose to ignore health hazards. If you have checked very well, you can see people leaving the iron on and even forgetting that they are on it. A person will open a tab and will forget to close it after he realizes it is not flowing.

In some houses, the iron has exposed cables, but no one is ready to replace it. Naturally, waiting for an accident to happen before we act is a human instinct that will never leave. However, an accident is an accident because sometimes there is nothing you could do to prevent it.

This has caused people to believe that what will happen will always happen. The Akan people will say that "a child that is supposed to die will even die on the lap of God." Yes, sometimes we can not stop accidents, but we can save lives through proper first aid.

If you or any person experiences an electric shock, do the following: Remember that electric shock is like drowning; the one saving another is in the same danger as the victim.

Turn off the source.

The reason houses have meter switches is to help cut electricity when necessary. If a person gets an electric shock, quickly turn off the meter before you do anything.


After turning off the meter, you can separate the person from the source of the shock. You can also call the local emergency team or an ambulance. Always remember to use insulators when separating a person from the source of the shock.

If you have successfully done the above, then you can now touch the person to check the pulse to see if he is still breathing. If not, quickly start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Remember that if the person was shocked by the water, do not step into it. Even if the person seems okay, you will need to still call the ambulance or take him to a nearby clinic.

The victim can become blind later and may experience tremors or brain damage. Always check for health hazards.

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