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Blend Noni Fruit With Grape Juice For 5 Minutes And Drink To Enjoy These Health Benefits

From treating cancer to regulating symptoms of nausea and diabetes, Noni fruit has really played a major role since the ages. Noni fruit which is produced by a tree called Morinda Citrofolia was used in ancient times for making dyes, however, due to its many nutritional contents, the fruit becomes useful in the herbal industry as well.

This particular mango-shaped greenie contains nutrients such as folate, vitamin C, fat, protein and Biotin in a reasonable percentage of the recommended daily value. Also, Noni. as part of its incredible nutritional profile contains minerals like Potassium which helps in regulating heart and kidney problems, Calcium which helps in strengthening the bones, and Magnesium which supports the nerves.

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Noni fruit has a lot of benefits especially when juiced and so in this article, we intend to have a look at how to make Noni juice using only the fruit and Grapes juice and also the benefits that come with it. Before we continue, I urge you to hit the FOLLOW button in order to stay updated on our daily health tips.

How To Make Noni Juice at Home

Noni fruits with Noni juice Stock Photo - Alamy


1. Noni Fruit - riped

2. Grape Juice

3. Water


Since Noni's have a foul scent when they become ripe, we will use juiced grapes to improve the flavour of our recipe. Having gotten all your ingredients, you may want to wash them thoroughly and after that blend the greenie until it becomes smooth. This should not take more than five (5) minutes.

When you get your smooth product, you may want to use a strain to sieve out the solid particles and obtain the juice in a clean Jar. Please make sure it is two-third full. Now, add the grape juice and some ice cubes and you are ready to go.

The Benefits

Evidence-based therapies that support your heart - Health - Prevention  Australia

So easy right? Let us now have a look at some of the potential benefits of the taste quenching juice.

1. Control cancer

As stated earlier, controlling cancer is one of the reasons that Noni's are so powerful. Studies and research have shown that Juice can reduce cancer-causing chemicals which leads to oxidative stress and others.

2. Support the heart

By reducing or controlling the level of cholesterol, Noni juice can be a great way of improving one's heart health.

3. Helps with Excercise

The fruit can also help people who need stamina or endurance especially if you are planning on going to the Gym. It has antioxidants that fight fatigue and boost muscle health as well.


We advised that you talk to your doctor before taking the remedy. Also, make sure you store the greeny in an airtight glass as it ripens for fermentation to take place.

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