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Know the Health Benefits of This Common House Medicinal Plant: Garlic

Garlic scientifically called Allium sativum is a common food ingredient used in cooking. It grows everywhere when cultivated with bulbs. It is believed to originate from Central Asia.

Medicinal actions:

Allium sativum is safe for domestic use and is highly effective in treating a number of health disorders of nose, throat and bronchi. It has the ability to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. It works effectively on the circulatory system to treat disorders such as hypertension. It is used as a valuable food supplement for diabetic patients.

Garlic was used before antibiotics were invented, to treat all kinds of diseases including Tuberculosis and Thyphoid. It was used as a major element to heal wounds during World War I.

Garlic works specifically on the digestive system to heal diseases caused by intestinal parasites. It removes the microorganisms form the body.

Garlic works to improve on blood circulation in the body by making blood thin for easy flow.

It improves upon the actions of chemical antibiotics and reduces their side effects on the body drastically. It also reduces blood sugar level in diabetic patients.

Use garlic regularly in your kitchen to reduce body cholesterol and strengthen the immune system of your family members.

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