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Do You Feel A Sharp Pain After You Pee; Take These Measures Before It Gets Serious

Painful urination or a sharp pain right after urinating is a common symptom of a urinary tract infection.

UTI can result from a bacterial infection, from an inflammation of the urinary tract or from the use of hygiene products on the genitals. With bacterial infections, UTI may be caused by using public washrooms or by being infected by bacteria from your own bowels. When you fail to properly clean yourself after emptying your bowels, bacteria from your bowels can migrate to your urethra and through to your bladder and urinary system to cause UTIs. UTIs can also be caused by the microorganisms from sexually transmitted diseases. For females, these "STI-causing" microorganisms can sometimes migrate from the reproductive tract to the urinary tract. For males, since the reproductive tract and urinary tract use a common urethra, an STI can easily become a UTI.

Many minor UTIs go away on their own but some persist to become worse. When you start to feel pain during and after urinating, you may want to do the following to clear any infection.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking a lot of water helps you flush out more bacteria from your urinary tract and hence reduce your risk of a worse UTI. As you drink more water, ensure that you urinate whenever you feel the urge to do so; don't hold your urine in when your bladder is full.

Drinking water also helps your kidneys to remove waste more efficiently and dissolve crystalized salts in the urinary tract which may also be the cause of the pain when you urinate.

Do not use hygiene products

Some hygiene products such as soaps and antiseptics should not be used for cleaning the genitals. Some of these products promote the growth of infectious bacteria and as a result lead to the contraction of UTIs. Simply clean your genitals with lots of water, no need to add other chemical products.

Also, ensure that you clean yourself properly after emptying your bowels; wipe yourself from front through to your back. This direction reduces your chances of transferring infections to your urinary tract.

When you suspect you have an infection, regularly rinse your genitals with plenty water, if it gets worse, report to your doctor.

I hope these tips are helpful to you or to a loved one. Please share to keep your family and friends informed. You can leave your comments in the comments section below. Don't forget to like and follow me for more updates.

Thanks for reading and stay safe. 😉

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