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Gloomy forecast; more Ghanaians to suffer stroke in the next few years

There is a gloomy forecast about more Ghanaians going to suffer stroke if immediate and decisive action is not taken by the government to eliminate trans-fatty acids from the food chain in the country.

Manufacturers are taking advantage of the lack of a clearly defined policy – the ambiguity and inadequacy of the West African country’s food regulations on trans-fatty acids to dump food and oils that contained trans-fatty acids – snacks, baked and fried foods in the country.

Trans-fats, simply, is the process of combining fat, typically vegetable oils with hydrogen, so as, to make it more saturated, something health experts warn, is dangerous for the heart and a potential risk for certain cancers.

Dr. Phyllis Addo, a lecturer at the University of Allied Health and Sciences, explained that trans-fats tended to reduce one’s good cholesterol and thereby increased the risk of heart diseases.

She was speaking at the launch of a project to create awareness of trans-fatty acids and the urgent need for its elimination from the food chain.

The project is being spearheaded by the Institute of Leadership and Development. It is estimated that about 94,000 people suffer stroke every year in the country and the projection is that one in every five people would have stroke within the next decade or two.

Dr. Addo called for consumers to carefully read the labels on whatever they bought to avoid foods that were high in fatty acids.

The Director of the Institute of Leadership and Development, Benjamin Anabila, said Ghana should learn from South Africa and Kenya where trans-fats had been eliminated from the food chain.

The earlier, this was done, the better for the health of the population. He said problems associated with trans-fatty acids could spell doom for the country – potential national disaster, which would be far more devastating than the flu-like COVID-19 pandemic.

He identified trans-fats as the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Globally, cardiovascular disease is ranked as the number one cause of death.

The project, they had launched was therefore to create awareness of the disastrous consequences of trans-fats and vigorously campaign for its elimination.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading a global effort to eliminate trans-fats in the world by year 2030.

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Ghanaians Phyllis Addo University of Allied Health and Sciences


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