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Soak Small Cola In Lemon Juice For 3 Days; Consume To Get Rid Of These Diseases

Small cola or bitter cola, from its scientific name Garcinia cola, belongs to the sterculiaceae family. This fruit has healing properties. It is used as a basic element in the manufacture of medicines. It is also used in combination with other plants or products such as lemon to treat certain diseases.

Little cola is widely recognized for its medicinal benefits, as the seeds, nuts and bark have been and still are getting used to various ailments.

Health Benefits of Drinking the Blend

• Treat malaria

• To lose weight

• To treat diabetes by improving your blood sugar

• To strengthen your immune system

• To treat high blood pressure

• To relieve painful menstrual periods in women.

• For erectile dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation, sexual weakness and to improve your sexual performance

How to use

• Get about 5 pieces of small cola, peel and mash to have a paste.

• Get about 10 lemons and squeeze its juice into a bottle

• Put the paste of the small cola in this lemon juice and leave the bottle for 3 days

• Get a bottle of lemon, available at most stores or pay for lemons to squeeze them into a bottle.


After these 3 days, Drink a teaspoon of this juice this morning and another spoon in the evening until improvement

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Garcinia cola sterculiaceae


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