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Tips For Those Who Have Cough, Cold And Fever

Uses Of Onion To Help Your Health And Body Conditions

Here are the Seven benefits that Onion can help ; 

1. For Cough , Colds and Fever

First , it has the ability to prevent , stop and relieve cough , colds and fever . Because of its natural antibiotic , detox and antioxidant , Onion can produce the necessary ingredients for natural treatment of various types sickness. Onion effectively lowers high temperatures . 

. First , slice a piece of onion and place it on the socks to lower body temperature . 

. Second , For sore throat , cough and colds , Boil onion and drink like a tea . The onion can also be eaten . 

2 . For your rehabilitated baby 

Second , if your child is restless , crying and feeling weak . It's good to give your child onion tea to drink. Because onion tea can help relax muscles and make baby's feel better . All it takes is :  First , Peel the onion .Second , Boil the onion and let your child drink . 

. Third , Adult can drink it too . 

3 . Fight hair loss 

Third , In home remedy onions are used for hair care . Its antibacterial content helps withstand dandruff , stop hair loss , and grow hair growth . 

To try this , what you need to do is : 

. First , Remove the onion skin Second , make soup of it 

. Third , Apply on the scalp and hair before taking a bath 

4 . Diabetes 

Fourth , onion can help a person with diabetes . By eating onions , it raises insulin levels in our blood and lowers blood sugar levels . So it's better to eat onion for good health . 

5 . For Sunburn Skin 

During the summer , our skin usually gets Sunburn . Sometimes you don't know what to use medicine for it . But did you know that onion can help us . By applying and massaging sliced onions on the Sunburned skin will help prevent inflammation , heal quickly and prevent further burn and redness . It can also help treat wounds , cuts and skin rips . 

6 . Ear Infection 

Sixth , Stuffy ears are just irritating and it makes hearing worse . In the time that is experiencing it is not knowing what to do So onion can help you , try using it for hearing clarity . What needs to be done is : 

. First , take the soft part of the onion and place it in the starting ear canal . 

. Second , Don't push well inside the ears . 

Take care of the steps

. Third , Let it stay overnight in your ears . When you wake up in the morning , your problem is gone . It's easy to get rid of dirt and clean your ears

Thanks you

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