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A Nurse Has Been Awarded For Refusing To Administer A Wrong Prescription By A Physician [Photos].

Mostly nurses are ridiculed for not knowing anything but only dressing flamboyantly to take pictures. Some patients always complain about the ill treatment they received from some rude nurses and midwives.

The Story was different this time around as a nurses by name Gloria Atiayao refused to administer a drug that has been prescribed by a physician assistant to be given to a patient called Bernard Gorni. The nurse stood on her grounds for the right thing to be done.

According to the patient Mr. Bernard Gorni, he visited the Ho Municipal Hospital on Thursday 25th of February 2021. After he was seen by a physician assistant he was given an injection and a note to be given to a nurse in the injection room. He said the nurse upon seeing the prescription and the drug sent her other colleague to consult with the PA if the prescription was right.

Mr. Bernard Gorni continued to narrate that the PA still insisted that the drug (Benzylpenicillin) be administered intramuscularly (IM) to the patient. The nurse said that the dosage was to high to be administered IM but it should rather be administered intravenously (IV). A doctor came around who upon listening to the complain by the nurse asked her to go ahead and administer it IV but the PA still insisted she administer it IM.

The nurse went ahead and administer it IV thereby ignoring the wrong prescription by the PA. The patient and his family today went to the hospital to award the nurse for her boldness in ensuring that the right was done. They gave her a citation.

Below are photos of the event:

This story was shared on Facebook by the patient on a page called Abena Manokekame. Below are screenshots of the post:

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