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Epilepsy In Children: Five Things You Should Never Bring Closer To An Epileptic Patients

Epilepsy is one of the leading psychological problems facing majority of children. It results from synchronous firing of neurons which may results in suizures and convulsions.

When one give birth to a child and he happens to be epileptic, it's often very worrying because it can affect his life, his memory and his life with friends.

As a result, parents always try every means to cure the disease by resorting to every means possible. Meanwhile, there are things parents do that can escalate the suizures.

While there are some herbal remedies that have shown anticonvulsant effect, there is still no studies that supports their benefits

Some of the natural herbs used during episodes of epilepsy can actually cause more problems and hence should be avoided as much as possible

Here are five herbs to avoid giving to an epileptic patients:

1. Ginkgo Biloba and St. John's Worth.

Ginkgo Biloba has a lot of medicinal importance but when used on an epileptic patient may interact with their antisuizere medications to cause more complications.

2. Passion Flower and Kava: passion flower, valerian and Kava must not be given to an epileptic patient because these herbs may increase sedation

3. Garlic and ginger: these are powerful plants based medication used for several Illness but it can interfere with medication levels when used in epilepsy.

4. Schizandra should also be avoided because it can cause additional suizures.

5. And lastly, any herbal supplements that contains ephedra or caffeine can worsen one's suizures. This includes kola.

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