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Traditional paternity check

Issues of who is the father of a child have risen several times in suspicious and insecure relationships.

Though DNA is the only surest way of determining who is responsible for a pregnancy, there are other traditional methods that will give you a clue who is responsible.

1. Physical appearance and resemblance.

Since children are products of parents, they are mostly connected in physical and behavioural terms. This can help determine relation to some extent. However it is not a guaranteed methods of identifying a baby’s father as some babies look more like their mother’s side of the family.

2. Check the date of Conception.

There are various ways to estimate the date of conception. Keep in mind these are tools to assist in determining if the alleged father could possibly be the biological father. They cannot give definitive answers about paternity.

3. Examine the eye-Colour of the child.

A child is a product of the parents. Biological and physical features of parents come together to determine the biological and physical looks of a child. A typical example is how children of the late Jerry John Rawlings inherited their eye makeup of their father.

4. The ABO Blood-Type Test

A blood-type paternity test can help determine a potential father or determine if paternity is possible. The blood types of the father and mother determines the ABO blood type of the child. In this method, identify the blood type of the mother and child. Then check that of the father to see if paternity is possible.

But remember, DNA paternity test is the only surest way to get clear paternity results.

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