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Fully Completed But Abandoned Hospital In Somanya, Which Is Being Used By Residents To Charge Phones

According to Captain Smart there are 92 hospitals in Ghana left to rot in bushes. He said some are fully completed and some are partially completed. Today in this article is one of the abandoned hospital showed today on Onua TV which is in Somanya in the Yilo Krobo District. This hospital is fully completed and the funny thing about it is that people visit there only to charge their phones and go back to their homes.

Residents of Somanya and some nurses only visit the hospital if they want to charge their phones. The location of the hospital is very serene with a beautiful environment that can even make someone feel better upon arrival but it has been left in the Bush to rot.

The hospital has beautiful tarred roads within them, fully furnished with two new ambulances parked on the compound. The hospital has no one working in it as of now. Captain Smart revealed that he strongly supports agenda 111 by the President because we need more hospitals in Ghana, but then he has to also look at the 92 hospitals left to rot in bushes across the country.

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