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How to fight back spiritually and physically when your money keeps disappearing

We are all competing for good health, wealth, and love as humans. Every man is solely responsible for producing at least what he or she can use to buy clothes, food, and perform other essential services.

However, it is clear that the money in the system is being kept by a few people at the expense of others. This isn't supposed to be the case.


For some of us, the little we make is mysteriously taken away without our knowing what we used it for. One could blame spiritual forces for this. It is true that most of the time, spiritual forces are to blame. But there are other things we do with our money that we are unaware of.


Try this if you're having trouble with spiritual forces stealing money from your palms through spiritual means. Combine coconut water and honey in a bottle and pray over it for God or Allah’s intervention. Rub it in your palm until it is no longer there. Coconut water forms naturally, and honey has an exceptionally sweet taste, so imagine how things will be after regular use.

It will prevent all spiritual forces from spiritually taking money from your hands. 




And for the second class of people, the economic method is all that is required. You make a list of your wants and needs, then decide which ones are urgent and cut back on unnecessary spending. Don’t forget to pray too. Do this and you'll thank me later. 

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