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I have killed more than 500 babies through abortion, I can't sleep now because they are hunting me

Popular fetish priest who is widely known as Kofi Agyemang has finally confesses on TV for the evil he has done to a lot of innocent babies. In an interview with Oheneba Media, the powerful herbalist disclosed that he has regretted of certain things he did in the past since he is reaping it in his life now. He added that his father was a powerful herbalist who use to help people so when he was about to die, he gave him all the powerful herbs he had to heal people from their sickness and diseases.

Immediately i inherited it from my father, i started helping people with it but i deviated from what my father taught me and i started using the herbs for evil. I started aborting babies with the herbs since i was getting a lot of money from it. I have aborted more than 500 babies since i was expert in it. I had a lot of clients who used to come to me because of how powerful my herbs was. I am going through suffering now a days for aborting babies over they years. They are always hunting me in my dreams for aborting them. I can't sleep since anytime i close my eyes i see them. They sometimes appear physically to me when am walking in a pool of blood. They are always tormenting me physically and spiritually. I have regretted of aborting them and i pray that the Lord will forgive me. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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