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Soak Alligator Pepper For 4 Days, Take 2 Shots Daily, Use It To Treat This Popular Illness

Alligator pepper which is also known as Afromomum melegueta, is a popular west African seed which is made from the seeds of Afromomum Danielli. It has many healthy benefits that you might probably not be aware of.

”Health is wealth” they say but this saying can only work if you explore the traditional ways of treating illnesses. There are thousands of herbs out there which can be used to treat your long time illness but your inability to explore will not make you find out.

Today, I will be giving you a way in which you can treat stroke with Alligator pepper.

Alligator Pepper has many healthy benefits and it will work perfectly when mixed with other herbs.

How to use Alligator Pepper to treat stroke 

All you have to do is to go to your local market, get some Alligator Pepper seeds and soak in a bottle of an hot drink for 4 days.

After doing that, take 2 shots daily for straight 8 days and you will not know what stroke is again.

Alligator pepper can also be used to treat Diarrhea, Asthma, indigestion, Body ache, Anti cancer, Malaria, Skin care, burning of belly fat, Arthritis, Muscle pain and more

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African Afromomum Alligator Pepper


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