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This is what happens when you drink bitter leaf juice for 5 days

What comes into your mind when you hear the word - Bitter Leaf?

As excruciating as the name may sound, this particular herb has proven to be among the pivotal herbs that play a vital role in our health. Bitter leaf as the name depicts is very bitter in its own state.

However, the benefits linked to it is something you should crave for.

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Now, let’s get back to business as we are here to talk about the incredible benefits of bitter leaf. Many have been fighting for these benefits but today, here on Herbal Life, I present them to you for free. So make sure you read till the end.

Apart from cooking, here is a list of miraculous health benefits of Bitter leaf that everyone wants to know:

It Prevents the occurrence of Cancer

One of the most fast-rising health problems is cancer. Cancer comes in various forms including, skin cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer and many others.

However, with fresh bitter leaf juice, your chance of escaping this particular horrible infection is minimized.

It boosts fertilityFertility: naturally boost your chances of conception

Being infertile is one of the life-threatening condition as far as creation is a concern. Infertility has caused many divorce and suicides. Bitter leaf on the other hand has been reported to contain chemicals including edotides which helps your body in fighting against toxification.

The said chemical aside from boosting your immune system plays a vital role in women, especially in hormonal functions.  I will show you how to make the juice in a sec so read on.

It helps in weight loss

The bad cholesterols as well as the excess calories can all be controlled or managed with the aid of Bitter leaf. Science has reported that the herb is effective in reducing calories which is a major factor for weight gain.

It fights stomach ache

In this particular situation, just a few tender stems of the leaf is perfect for people suffering from severe stomach ache. In fact, when you Google remedies for stomach ache, Bitter leaf is likely to be number one among the rest.

How to Make the Juice

10 Benefits of Bitter Leaf Juice

Before, it is advisable to know that, the juice is best recommended when it is fresh. Although the taste is a strong bitter taste, however, fresh bitter leaf juice is the talk of the town.

First, get some Bitter leaves and wash them to get rid of all sorts of pesticides.

Secondly, using a table knife, cut the leaves into blendable sizes.

Finally, using your blender, make a smooth paste. Take one cup once in a day. For those dealing with a stomach ache, just get the soft tender stem, chew and swallow the fluid to reap all the benefits.


Now you know the benefits of Bitter leaf, all you need to do is blend and drink. But, like I always say, make sure you consult your dietitian or doctor before going super hard on it as it has its own complications.

For those who should avoid bitter leaf, check the page – we’ve got it covered for you.

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