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A new study has found that, kids correctly diagnosed of autism at infancy may lose symptoms later

Autism or Autism spectrum Disorder is a disorder that could result from several factors right from conception till child birth.

Unfortunately for us as a country,there are no structures put in place to ensure that even if someone gives birth to an autistic child,they will get the needed help for the proper upbringing of such children.

Autistic children are given special treatment in advanced countries leading to the full realisation of their God given potentials.

But unlike our country Ghana,where giving birth to such children becomes a huge burden on the parents and even in some families,the parents are called names .

This calls for an urgent need to ensure one limits to the bearest minimum the chances of having such children in countries like Ghana.

Fortunately a new study has found that children correctly diagnosed with autism at an early age will have their symptoms disappear at an older age.

ASD is a brain disorder ranging from mild ,moderate to severe. Most of them usually suffer from communication and social interactions problems. Studies have proven that 1 out of 88 children may suffer from ASD.

A group of scientists from the university of Connecticut led by Dr Deborah Fein sought to find out whether ASD cases diagnosed before age five had optimal outcomes.

The optimal outcomes literally means the symptoms disappear at a later stage.

Optimal outcome participants had to be enrolled in regular education classrooms and had a documented report of their earlier diagnosis from a physician or psychologist specializing in autism. To confirm this assessment, the reports were edited to remove all information except the descriptions of behavior. They were then reviewed by an ASD diagnostic expert.

Three groups participated, with 34 children in the optimal outcome group. They were matched by age, sex and nonverbal IQ to 44 children with high-functioning ASD and 34 typically developing peers. The participants ranged from 8 to 21 years old.

The study, funded by NIH's National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), appeared in the February 2013 issue of Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

The optimal outcome group appeared to have somewhat milder social problems at an early age than the high-functioning ASD group. However, both had similar communication and repetitive behavior symptoms.

To evaluate their current status, the researchers used a standard set of cognitive and observational tests as well as parent questionnaires.

This assessment found that the optimal outcome children had no apparent deficits in language, face recognition, communication or social interaction.

This research can clearly be replicated in our jurisdiction to help parents who give birth of autistic children to have some comfort in life in terms of taking care of these kids.

As clearly spelt in the research, Children with ASD who were diagnosed at an early stage had no problem or deficits in language, facial recognition, communication and social interaction problems

Meanwhile these are the main problems that kids with autism surfer from.

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