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Easy way to get rid of PEPTIC ULCER DISEASE.

One major condition that youth, especially ladies of today contract is PEPTIC ULCER DISEASE. PEPTIC ulcer is a painful sores in the stomach and small intestine. it occurs when the thick layer of the mucus that protect your stomach from digestive juice is reduced,this allows the digestive acids to eat away the tissues that line the stomach causing ulcer.

Let's see the two major causes of PEPTIC ULCER;

It's mostly cause by Helicobacter pylori...this is a bacterial infection mostly in the stomach.

Long-term use of NSAIDS such as asprin, ibuprofen and Diclofenac plays major cause of ulcer of which many people don't is advisable to visit the hospital when ever there is sickness instead of purchasing drugs from the counter shops.

Avoid the intake of gastric foods such as oranges and pineapple since it also causes irritations in the stomach.

Talk to your doctor when there is any abdominal pain before u can take in any drugs from the counter shops.

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