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Meet the man who has lived in a machine for 69 years and his sad story (Photos)

While others are praised for their extreme beauty or handsomeness others never even had a shot a life due to the diseases which stole their joy since childhood.

Most people are born with several diseases or sometimes complications and disfigures which are totally not their fault but will have to live life with it.

One of such people who despite their complete successful childbirth later contracted diseases is that of Mr paul Alexander who comes from Dallas in Texas city United States of America.

He was one of the people who got infected with the polio epidemic which struck the United States in 1952 and infect over 58000 people and killed over 3000 of them .

He was lucky to survive it but his life since then has been a living hell as he hasn’t been able to enjoy a normal life and all the good things that comes with good health.

Most of the children were placed in machines called iron lungs which played the role of the the human lung to help them to live much longer.

He has since then depended on this machine for about 69 years awaiting his response to medication and final cure.

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