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'Stop eating palm oil if you want to live longer' - Doctor advises

Taking palm oil; the oil derived from palm nuts, for instance, you will just be adding much unneeded carbohydrates to your body which will turn to glucose when they get to your blood. Too much glucose in your blood causes a lot of things which includes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and chronic joint pains. The saturated fats within the palm oil increase your risk of getting attacked by all kinds of diseases if you are fond of eating it daily or even five times a week.

The blood needs glucose but not that of palm oils, as it makes the blood less active in standing on its own to fight diseases with its white and red blood cells. Though Palm oil contains antioxidants needed to fight against certain infections like yeast infection, syphilis, urinary tract infections but the antioxidant has been overshadowed by the saturated fats which will in return cause greater harm to your internal organs and survival, doctor explained. 

Dr Kennedy Anokye, a surgeon assistant at Manhyia Government Hospital was explaining the cause of deteriorating health of one Reagan Kyeremateng, who was alleged to have been poisoned on Monday 11 October. Reagan, the 54-year-old man had undergone a cardiovascular operation on Monday morning to dilute and remove excess palm oil from his internal organs when vomiting failed to work for the man.

The man who was alleged to have been poisoned with drugs by unknown persons while he went to eat outside, got home almost dead before the family forced over mini a bottle of palm oil into his oesophagus on Monday afternoon. The family in fear of Reagan losing his life over the food poison, gave him several warmed palm oil to drink as a way of diffusing the poison but it resulted in a cardiac attack for the 56-year-old man when the palm oil became toxin to his blood.

Dr Kennedy Anokye explained that, though palm oil is good for destroying poisons it should not be used over and over as the family Reagan Kyeremateng did when he was alleged to have been poisoned. A big cutlery spoon of palm oil is good and enough to counter any liquid poison but above that, it can cause serious problems, and that was why Emmanuel Kyeremateng had a cardiac arrest. 

It is good to eat palm oil; using for frying foods, making stews and other things, but it should not be daily or a constant source of food as the saturated fats within becomes dangerous for people with hereditary diabetes. It is not completely dangerous, but eating it severally makes it dangerous or overusing it as the case of your father, makes it dangerous, so in other not to fall victim to it, stop eating palm oil if you want to live longer, the doctor explained when the children of the victim, Reagan Kyeremateng went to him for an explanation this morning over the worsening condition of their father.

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