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All Retired Persons, Those Above 60 Years Should Receive GH¢50,000 And Free Medical Care [OPINION]

The level of damage coronavirus has caused Ghana is beyond calculations but amidst all this, the government should start up a plan to give all retired persons, those above 60 years a sum of GH¢50,000 and they should also receive free medical care.

Ever since the whole world has been hit with the deadly coronavirus which has set the world's economy on a halt for some time, Covid’19 which began in a humble community of Wuhan in China has become the world's shared adversary which is ravaging the globe and placing our lives in some feeling of regret.

We would all be able to review that preceding the start of the deadly virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared certain rules and guidelines to be taken by the affected states(country) to remain protected from the virus (Covid’19), a few among these guidelines; cleaning of hands, washing of hands, social distancing and steady use of nose cover.

In other to guarantee that countries experience a decent level of social distancing, lockdown was forced in practically all the countries of the world, the lockdown was the main measure to ensure social distancing there by diminishing the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Numerous countries are presently reducing there lockdown and resuming their economy, yet before this point, the time frame at which the lockdown lasted left numerous country's economy impeded (bad situation). Over the time of the lockdown a ton of Ghanaian's have lost their jobs and organizations were required to briefly put on hold.

These immensely influenced the greater part of our elderly people who are retired and living by the peanuts they get as annuities. The greater part of them who are relying upon their children for their needs and medicals are currently left under the benevolent actions of God as the vast majority of their kids have lost their jobs and organizations because of the impact of the lockdown and the pandemic.

I have heard numerous retired persons and elderly Ghanaians over 60 years posing inquiries on the thing the public authority is doing about the elderly people who are on retirement and had put away their cash with the Gold Coast Fund the board and other fell monetary foundations.

These elderly people have forfeited towards guaranteeing that our nation accomplish a more prominent height in the countries' economy for the advancement of the generation yet unborn. They showed what we can plainly call 'benevolent demonstration and administration' and as such they ought to be really focused on and be viewed as comprising a piece of Ghana's saint's ever.

It is now that as a worry resident of Ghana I need to approach our administration to investigate dealing with these elderly persons we have, let them be given at any rate GH¢50,000 to start up something for themselves or complete the greater part of their neglected ventures and their hospital expenses be paid by the public authority. 

This is my assessment and I trust the public authority of the day should investigate that. It pains me whenever I see these extraordinary people meandering the road of Ghana miserable and discouraged, looking as though they were not noteworthy people that battled for the opportunity and freedom of Ghana.

What can you say about my opinion, do you think it will be better if the government take this decision Or not?. Share your opinions.

Are you in support of this valid opinion or not?.

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