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Do you Know the Secrets Of The Three Eyes Of A Coconut?

The Coconut is Filled with Alots of Benefits both for nutritional and spiritual Use.

The coconut water is very good for children, it will help them to have a retentive Memory and Makes them to be grow smart and also for people that may be suffering from Mental Disorders.

The three Eye of the coconut represents something great.

The secrets of this coconut is that it has three eyes but it can only see with one Eye. I will explain exactly what I mean by that.

As you can see in the below picture their are three eyes on the coconut but do you know that it's only one eye that can be open and there is a spiritual significance to that.

Spiritually it's believe that the two eyes in the coconut are the eyes of your enemy while the one that can be open should be drank from and as you drink the coconut water from the Opened eye, so shall your enemy eyes be closed. They will not be able to Stop your Blessing or Hinder it when it's coming to You.

This is the Two things You Can Use the Coconut For:

1. FOR CHILDREN WITH LOW MEMORY: Open One of the Eye in the Coconut, Give the Child to Drink the water from it, after that throw away the Coconut, Do not Eat it. Giving your children this to drink will help them to behave well and not be a thief or a trouble maker as they are growing up. They will be obedient, respectful and very intelligent.

2. FOR PEOPLE WITH MENTAL DISORDERS: Use Coconut Water to wash the Persons Head for 21 Days after the 21 one days, you will start giving the person the coconut water to drink every day(Give the Person Coconut Water from the One Eye of the Coconut).

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CHILDREN Coconut Eye of


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