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Know your health status

Your health,your life.

Every body's health should be a core mandate to each and everyone. Today we are here once again to elaborate on a disease called stomach ulcer,stomach is in different forms and causes by different factors.

But today our focus will be on stomach ulcer which is cause by acid. Stomach ulcer is a wound created in the stomach. What's the causes it? It is cause by gastric acid produce by piles . Those who don't like eating on time should pay attention to this article very well because it will help you a lot.

Whenever you eat something there is chemical reactions which have been taking place that will accelerate the digestion process in the system. So how does it happened?

In Gods own wisdom he new that the food we eat need to be transformed into different substance so that it can be separated into various components to enable the body system to assimilate the nutrients from the chaffs.

In Gods own wisdom again he knew that there will be a time we will needed food to eat as human beings so when that time reached,because there is no switch attach to your stomach so that any time you feel like eating before you turn it on to digest the food for u. It have it own time to start dropping so when whole day you didn't eat, gastric acid will not wait for you but rather will start dropping on your empty stomach gradually creating wound (ulcer) in our stomach.

As time goes on it will be getting bigger. If not discovered early and treated early what will happened is that it will get to a time you will be feel severe pains in your stomach. When it severes what will happened is that when you eat, the food dropped on the wounds and what's is where you feel the pains. But when you think you will not eat because of the pains, the acid will drop on the wounds again that will even make it worse.

So my little advice to everyone is that at least keep something in your stomach,don't feel for food before you eat,if you know that is time for normal human beings to eat then try and eat something. And continues drinking of water is the alternative.

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