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Health Benefit Of Guava Leaves


Guava leaves are effective for the treatment of the following.

1. Low Sperm count.

2. Diabetes

3. Menstrual pains

4. Crumpled womb ( women who have problems in their womb during pregnancy and are mostly to undergo operation in the hospital).

5. Obesity.

Guava leaves are used to totally treat these problems. The remedy is also simple.


Get more leaves from guava plant and wash them thoroughly with water and salt.

Put them in any cooking utensil and add enough water. 

Put it on fire and boil it for about 30 minutes. Drop it from the fire and leave it to settle in good temperature for consumption.

Drink one cup morning and evening till you are totally cured. It is simple and very powerful remedy.

Taking this remedy regularly also beautify your skin and makes you look younger all the time.

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