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A white man cries, when he saw Ghanaians in this condition

As we all ready know that, the people at the Northern part of Ghana suffers a lot to get a good drink water.It has been alleged so many years that, these Ghanaians use to drink from the same stream with animals like cow. There are mighty people in this country who can come together and solve this problem but they have turn to deaf ears, meanwhile, that's their home town.

In the video circulating on social media, this white man in this article paid visit to the northen part of Ghana. When he reached there, the women of the town complained to him about the problem they are going through. All the people in the town including the chief drink muddy water ( as you can see from this article).

The white man cried bitterly. He said," we are here in Ghana and Right now, I'm Speechless. This is realist and craziest thing, how can human beings drink this muddy as water." We have come to this village and the women have complained about what they have to go through to get a drinking water. But this is not water, it's muddy. He added,"Since am a Member of HUMAN RELIEF FOUNDATION, We will try as much as possible to get them a good source of treated drinking water."

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